Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat 9am-6pm | 256-325-8746

What We Offer

Whiskers is a full service barber shop located in Huntsville Alabama and serves the surrounding area with what we believe to be the best experience in men's grooming throughout the Tennessee Valley.

Menu of Services:

  • Whiskers Plus (28)
    Professional Consultation, Haircut, Shampoo, Scalp Massage, Conditioning, Neck Shave, Hot Towel Treatment , and Styling.
  • Whiskers Combo (45)
    Our Whiskers Plus combined with our 8 step Professional shave.
  • Whiskers Express (23)
    Professional Consultation, Haircut, Neck Shave, and Styling ONLY
  • Whiskers Freedom Cut (23)
    Same treatment as the Whiskers Plus for our Military, Policemen, and Firefighters
  • Whiskers Stubble Cut (15)
    Sorry men, you have to be 13 or under

Other Services

  • How Towel Shave (23)
  • Mr. Clean / Head Shave (23)
  • Beard Trim / Outline (18)
  • Eyebrow Waxing (10)
  • Camo / Color (25)

Our Clients receive a FREE Neck Shave between appointments.

Membership Packages
With our annual membership, our clients have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the freedom of stopping in for a haircut as frequently, as their schedule allows, without having to worry about paying for each service. Our members also enjoy 10% off of all other services and products. Go ahead, become a member and enjoy a full year of our outstanding services at one great price. Call or Visit for details.

Whiskers of Huntsville

Men's Hair is Different

We understand that a mans hair isn't the same as a woman's. Our stylists and barbers are professionals. They don't do womens' hair.

You can go anywhere in Huntsville to get a hair cut, but only at Whiskers can you get the personal attention that you deserve. Our stylists and barbers are trained and experienced at cutting men's hair and know the techniques and methods to make you look great.

What To Expect

Walking into Whiskers is like coming into your buddy's house - only better. Premium beers, HDTV, Magazines (no, not that crap), and no funky smells to worry about.

Built by Men - Operated by Women

We built Whiskers for men, by men. We staffed Whiskers with Women who know how to cut men's hair. We know you'll enjoy the atmosphere, the hair cut, and the staff. Most of all we know you'll be back.